Courage is most important quality of leader since it thinks only of the destination and nothing else. It’s the force of a decided will behind every move and therefore failure is far away from it. Courage occurs when you can’t necessarily see, but in your heart you know and that knowing turns into a light to see by, so that you do not stop. Courage grows with life, but it’s also a quality of a child that knows no challenge and of an adult who is ignorant of challenge’s threat.

Courage is saying what you believe, undiluted, desiring no approval, understanding that a deeply thought out ideal is powerful enough to withstand opposition and when it is knocked down, then courage knows not to blame, but to rebuild stronger. Courage is to move forward into a place of difficulty without a solution in mind, and yet feeling that victory is ahead. It’s going empty handed but knowing that somebody is there to take care of you.

Courage is a fruit of consistent effort to play life by the rules. Courage doesn’t come unbidden merely in a moment of danger. The expression of courage is the tip of a rock underneath the surface, which is just visible and becomes an island for other people to rest on. When you’re courageous other people can sense it and it makes them to believe on you. A courageous person says less and does more. Courage is boldness but it is always cautious.

A courageous leader never surrenders. Together with his courage he always enhances morale of his supporters. He always stands firmly and says,” What may come, I am there”.
The cabability to perform the right thing in spite of fear is courage. Courage is important to conquer fear. Courage is a firmness of mind. It is an ability to confront difficulty. It’s the most important virtue that attracts other virtues strongly.
The term courage emerged from Latin word ‘cor’ which means ‘heart’. Courage means ‘whole-heartedly’.

Courage is mental quality and it can improve by sincere efforts. You can develop courage over a time. You must be strong physically and mentally for enhancing your courage level. Developing positive attitude also enhances your courage.

People naturally gravitate to courageous person because they’re optimistic and cheerful. They face problems and setbacks happily. Courage motivates them to take risks because they keep an eye on the destination than hurdles.

Courageous leaders never think of their own growth only. They always take everybody around them on the way of success. They believe and talk about ‘We’ and not ‘I’. Courage provides confidence and firmness along with it.

Aristotle stated that courage is the mean between fear and recklessness. A reckless person cannot consider as courageous one. You begin identifying the ways where fear is holding you back from your success and your joy. This is the first step in developing courage. As soon as you identify the facts holding you back, slowly you are able to work out for removing those and automatically you’ll transform as a courageous person.


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