Programming (from our past) How It Can Affect Business and How NLP Can Assist

NLP is the study of anything you are going to do, thinking, beliefs and behavior pattern. This help you in focusing on things that really work and take away focus from the elements that act as hurdles.

NLP models have used to create techniques for speedy transformation in your thoughts, beliefs and behavior that are useless or not required by you. NLP can help you in finding out what your problems are and then the solution.

NLP assists in synchronizing your conscious and the unconscious mind. Conscious mind takes decisions logically while the unconscious mind never thinks. It simply knows and takes actions. Conscious decisions depends on our past experiences and future consequences. Conscious mind has limitations while the unconscious mind has unlimited power. When you convince your unconscious mind with any conscious idea, it starts executing exactly the same without any doubt.

NLP can help you in overcoming your fear, phobia, emotional blockages etc. It helps you overcome procrastination by giving you the resources to go forward. It helps in identifying your excuses that becomes the great hurdles in your success. It helps you in handling ‘difficult’ people and complaints with enthusiasm.

Anchors are stimuli which call forth your feelings and thoughts. For example, touching the first finger of the left hand could be an anchor. Each of the sensory systems can work for anchor, even smell and taste. The therapists use the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic senses as anchor. Memory connects the stimuli to feelings and emotions and hence anchoring occurs. Some anchors are uncontrollable. Thus some tune may remind you someone or some particular smell may take you to some instance. Such anchors work automatically and you will probably not be aware of the triggers.

Resourceful Anchoring pertains to those anchors connected with different emotional resources. You’ll be able to recall and replay various situations where you had the state of mind and then apply different anchors to each resource.
The 3 types of anchoring are:

Visual Anchors:If you utilize the things which can be seen it has called as external visual anchors. Examples of external anchors are your ornaments like ring, bracelet etc. When using imaginary things it has referred to as internal visual anchors. Types of internal visual anchors are name of flower, bird etc.

Auditory Anchors:
Particular sound or music also works as anchor. Auditory anchors can be either external or internal.

Kinesthetic Anchors:
External kinesthetic anchors are tapping your back, touching your shoulder. Internal kinesthetic anchors are visualizing instances like giving a hug to a person.

There are various NLP skills. Once you start practicing different NLP anchoring techniques it will become your second nature.

You start linking good feelings with bad or otherwise not so good ones. Then the change occurs at your subconscious level. The good feelings replace the bad ones. This practice of NLP can be carried out at work. Actually you can practice NLP everywhere i.e. at work, home, social places, where you want to bring good change. NLP is among the ways where hypnosis can assist you change the way you think, act, and feel.

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