Self Confidence

A leader without confidence cannot continues to be a leader for a longer period. Self confidence works gently. Confidence is a powerful tool. Self confidence allows you to administer softness and silence making the whole machine calm down. It operates deeper, much deeper than nerves.

Self-confidence means understanding your way round yourself. This means understanding the ins and outs so instinctively that you will have the strength to draw on. It will make you move slower, speak more quietly. It will make you stop and look with whom you are communicating with rather than flattening life by rushing heavily on. It enables you to stand happily and calmly in a gap of ignorance and let everyone wait until you are prepared.

Self-confidence is the confidence about one’s knowledge and one’s abilities. Self-confidence integrates the powers of your body and mind. This integration leads you towards your goals. Self-confidence is the first step towards goal, victory, personal improvement and elevation. Knowledge and skills without confidence often goes in vein. But self confidence can lead you towards success even with average abilities and knowledge.

Confidence is not a skill which can learn by physical efforts. It’s trust on your inner self and this can be developed by communicating with your inner self. It isa mix of right thoughts, right deeds and also the right attitude too. A confident leader not only gets success in his own tasks but he also makes other people to achieve success by improving their level of confidence. Self confidence makes you an inspirational figure for others. It enhances one’s self esteem and gives feeling to be an unshakable person.

Lack of self confidence becomes the biggest hurdle in your path of success. Self confident people improve the confidence level of people around them.

How you can achieve self-confidence? One of the ways is to talk, not to others but to yourself. In the moments of insecurity it is comfortable to speak to somebody else, but it is safe to talk to yourself. It gives you not just the ideal solution but elevates your confidence too. Self confidence can easily develop with the help of some efforts. Here are some tips to improve your self confidence:

• Improve your self esteem by accepting youself as you are.
• Always be in company of positive, confident people.
• Keep yourself away from those who always criticize you.
• Keep yourself far from pessimistic people.
• Help others as much as you can without any expectation from them.
• Sharpen your knowledge and skills.

You are aware that ‘As you think, so you are’. Think like a confident person and you will automatically act confidently. You may also seek aid from NLP and meditation for enhancing your self confidence. Simple affirmations like, ‘ I like myself’, ‘I accept myself’ may also bring a big change in your confidence level if done sincerely and consistently.

Everyone believes and like confident people. They trust and respect them. Self confident people always get new responsibilities and opportunities.



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