Passion + Action = Results

We are often asked how we started off in business and the way do we make it work, we have a simple formula that has been working for us. This formula is very simple yet powerful, the formula is PASSION + ACTION = RESULTS

There are lots of ways to define passion and what it is, for us passion is that thing that gets you excited whenever you think about the possibility of what might be, it keeps you up during the night with excitement and gets you out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm. It’s the silent motivator in your life that becomes your very existence. It’s the force that says no matter what is going on around me, I was born for this very reason.

Passion is core to our true self and our purpose in life, the very thing we were put here to do. Defining your passion is the first thing to success. How can you define your passion?

Ask yourself this question, “if you had 10 million dollars in your bank account, and failure was not an option what would you do?”

Trust the very first answer that comes to you. So what is stopping you from doing that thing, remembering that money and failure are no option? Is it time, is it fear, is it not knowing where to start? Whatever your reason might be, majority of people will give surface reasons however the real reason if we look at it is FEAR!

Fear is the dream stealer that has robbed numerous individuals of achieving their full potential. Releasing fear and any attachment that it has, is a huge part to do with success.

I once heard someone describe fear as False Evidence Appearing Real, most of the fear that steals from us we placed in our own minds as truths which are no more true than the Easter bunny. Doubt the twin brother of fear, also steals from us our dreams and passions. Contact our office for more information on how you can take back what has been stolen from you by fear and doubt.


The second key to results is Action, once you know your passion take daily steps towards that passion. The accumulation of small daily steps will see you reaching your goals much earlier than you had expected. It’s not about massive action it’s about daily action.

When taking action think about what’s the reason for this step and is it bringing me closer to my passion, if the answer is yes, then continue, if the answer is no stop and do something that will. Some steps will lead you away from your passion, when this happens gain knowledge from it and move back towards your passion.


A result in achieving your passion and purpose is what comes next. The things i love about this is that though you’re intending to get there, the person you become along the way is not the person that you were when you began, you are far more resilient then you were when you began and so you can do a whole lot more.


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