The NLP Meta Model

The NLP Meta-model is a set of language patterns or specified questions. The NLP Meta model consist a set of questions, that has designed to discover the explicit meaning in a person’s communication. The questions in the meta-model are created to bring clarity to the information relayed through a person. Meta Model explores the underlying restrictive thinking and beliefs. The choice of words spoken by a person distorts, generalize, and often remove the portions of their experience, when a person speaks about a problem.

The practitioner seeks to help a person to recover the details that is under the surface of the words, by paying attention to the language patterns. It is vital that the practitioner should not make assumptions about the communication. The practitioner who ’listens’ based on his / her existing belief systems may miss important aspects of the story. The NLP Meta-model has meant to facilitate detecting the indicators of restrictive thinking and limiting beliefs. The meta-model mainly used to help a person, elaborate information of problems, proposals and objectives. This has done by asking regarding the information that has been left out, by the practitioner. The practitioner may ask probing questions to find out what is there in the mind of the person being treated.

Let us consider some of the practical uses of NLP Meta model:

The NLP Meta Model for your own confusion:

Suppose you find yourself confused and in a bit of a mental log-jam. You can very well Meta model your on-going self talk. Here you need to take yourself in a loop where you are Meta modeling your internal dialogue. In simple words, go for a few pages of stream-of-consciousness writing about your problem. Write down whatever is bothering you. Then utilize the Meta Model on this to identify your patterns.

Layers of pattern:

There are those who have come up with predictability lists indicating which pattern is likely to lead to which. You have to learn these in advance and become really good at all of the patterns. They will always respond something else than whatever has asked. In such instances you simply hear them attentively. Confirm the pattern that you suspect is most getting in their way, and then continue doing this process when they move on to the next pattern.

Ask the person some of the questions that are ‘challenging’ relating to this particular pattern. If their current world view causes them difficulty you can then give them the opportunity to re-evaluate things for themselves by asking such questions. Keep things very simple and use them a lot rather than have them very complex and use them only with difficulty.

The Meta Model is a linguistic tool. It is very useful whenever somebody has faced with a paradoxical situation, a maze where she or he can’t find any way out. There are four distinctions in this tool: deletion, lack of referential index, unspecified verbs, and normalization.

The fundamental function of the NLP Meta Model is to help you identify and transform irritable deletions, distortions and generalizations in your thinking and communication to other people.


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