Road to Stress Release Tip #3: Positive affirmation

Get a short, clear, positive statement that focuses on your coping abilities. Affirmations are the way to silence the self-critical voice all of you carry with that only adds to your stress. Next time you feel as if your life is one disaster after another, repeat Ten times, ‘you feel calm. You can handle this’. You can prepare your own positive affirmations that may suit your situation, personality and attitude. Positive affirmations help to release your stress and tension. When you mind gets calm down it also settles your body. The positive affirmations help you to overwrite habitually stressful thoughts and patterns with calm, healthy, and relaxed patterns. Positive affirmations allow you to effortlessly control your stress when needed. It completely lets you free from stress, naturally calm, balanced, and also at peace within your life.


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