Top 4 Meditation Tips For Beginners

Meditation is a way to train our mind into a conscious trance like state that permits us to feel an absolute sense of calm. You may want to meditate for spiritual reasons or because you want to achieve certain practical goals, like improving your concentration levels, relieving stress, etc.

Meditation is not a new-age therapy, but an ancient art. It is, actually, so simple that anyone can practice it; yet many newbies struggle much, shortly after embracing it.

One good reason is the lack of proper mindset and discipline. You may find it hard to focus on a mundane task like breathing or chanting, could find it hard to relax, or may get constantly distracted by the chatter of the conscious mind. If you can identify with any of these common challenges, you will probably find the following tips useful:

Know Your Purpose

If you know what you would like to accomplish, you will be able to find the right method. For example, if you would like de-stress, using music as an aidmay are best for you. To deal with specific physiological problems or for goal accomplishment, guided meditation could prove to be extremely effective.

Prepare Yourself

It will be a good idea for you to read books about meditation, watch videos or use other instructional materials to learn the detailed techniques of proper positioning and breathing. You could perhaps book yourself into a full day meditation workshop that will show you a variety of different meditations.

As a beginner, you can begin by learning from these materials, and can later develop your way of meditating. You don’t have to meditate in the conventional way of sitting down cross-legged or closing your eyes. As long as you make yourself comfortable, any position is okay.

Adopt A Practical Approach (It just is)

Have patience with yourself as you learn any method of meditation. Meditation is a personal exercise and one size does not fit all. It will take several attempts for you to finally get the hang of it some meditations (that’s okay, and it just is) while others you’ll find much easier to adapt to. Take the time to try out different styles. Everyone has different preferences regarding time and ambiance while learning how to meditate. So, you need to decide what atmosphere and technique works the best for you. Just because your friend or coach prefers one, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. The beauty of this art lies in the fact that each one of us can draw out our own paths towards attaining the ultimate calm.

Be Disciplined

This is where most newbies falter. Meditation demands a lot of discipline, not just in terms of picking a time slot everyday, and also motivating your self to persist. In the beginning you may find it a little boring to sit and concentrate on your breathing for more than five minutes. But, if you push yourself to be regular for the first two-three weeks, the benefits will be well worth the effort.


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