Road to Stress Release Tip #5: Limit Coffee

Another Coffee Anyone? No thanks! To provide your body a good chance at having a good night sleep, and also to reduce stress, you need to limit your intake of Caffeine. For example Coffee, tea and especially those energy drinks that are full of the stuff. Caffeine, can contribute to nervousness and moodiness. It can affect your sleep by keeping you awake for a longer time, thereby shortening the amount of sleep you get, and giving you less time in the restorative stages of sleep. This ultimately takes a toll on your level of alertness the following dayand also on your overall health, causing stress. Hence it is better to limit or remove caffeine from your intake during stress. After regular intake of caffeine your body enters a state of adrenal exhaustion. Your caffeine consumption pushes your adrenal glands to the limit. Caffeine affects in your body similar to a drug, which means you gradually need more and more caffeine to feel the effects. Over the time your body starts to experience withdrawal symptoms. This ultimately leads to an increase of stress.


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