The Law of Attraction and Visualisation Meditations

To imagine, form a mental image or paint a picture of something in your mind or not present to make some it visible.

Creative visualisation is the basic technique underlying positive thinking. Creative visualisation is the technique of using your imagination to visualise specific behaviours or events occurring in your life. It has suggested that creating a detailed picture of what you would like and then visualise it over and over again with all your senses.

Whatever you visualise through your unconscious mind, it says that, “so be it”. Hence people claims that things visualised with the help of unconscious mind comes into reality.

The major advantage of Visualisation is that it helps you to get more of what you desire. When you vividly imagine achieving your goals, you trigger a whole series of unconscious processes that will help you to reach your target. By “training your brain” to understand what you want, you’ll inevitably experience more “real world” success – and feel more chilled about the process, too.

You already “visualise” many times without realizing it. The thing is, each and every time you worry about the future, get anxious in what might happen, or convince yourself that times are “bad”… If you consciously visualise about the circumstances you want instead, you reclaim control over your experience. You’ll feel better and optimistic, too.

When you visualise properly, your brain produces Alpha Waves – meaning, apart from helping sculpt your dream life, you become healthier as well. Alpha waves are incredibly good for you and when your brain produces them, you experience increased relaxation, focus and pleasure, and reduce pain, stress and anxiety.

As such, once you visualise you effectively “implant” new memories into your self-image. This means that your unconscious mind”thinks” you are already the success you dream of being.
This releases unconscious resources to help you reach your goals, and it also increases confidence, sometimes dramatically. After a couple of days of Visualisation, you’ll begin to feel more confident because you’ve practiced success in your mind repeatedly. The more confident you are, the more opportunities you see and take the more success you’ll experience, which is the ultimate virtuous circle.

Impressing successful images on your unconscious does boost your self-image. This results in you feeling happier, more capable, and more confident. Try visualisation for a few days to see what happens. You’ll almost certainly start to feel as confident and self-assured as you’ve been in your life. And the benefits of visualisation only get better with time.

The law of attraction is applied through visualisation techniques. It turns out quickly into desired outcome as your mind and body focus together during meditation. It helps in convincing the desire to your unconscious mind strongly.

Guided visualisations in meditation creates deeper awareness to find the place within self where you can get in touch with your intuition. Through images and sometimes feelings or thoughts that come up during meditation, you may find answers to questions you had been struggling to resolve within your conscious minds. When you are uncertain about the direction of your career may, for example, turn to guided visualisation meditation as one tool to help you find your way.


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