Meditation for Busy People Technique 2- Compassion Meditation

This meditation is very simple and can be done anywhere and in any position. You may close your eyes gently or you can keep them open. Ensure that open eyes will not be distracting you. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Then consider anything to that you can send compassion. It may be any person, any pain or emotional suffering of your own etc. Then mentally and emotionally utter compassionate words in your mind for that thing. Practice this for five to seven minutes.

Compassion by itself opens your heart and nourishes people you love. People who receive your compassion are more likely to be patient, forgiving, and compassionate with you. Compassion reflects the wisdom that everything is related to everything else, and it naturally draws you into feeling more linked to all things.Learning compassion for oneself is a critical first step in compassion meditation.

Try to be compassionate on the things, people and experiences in your life. Offer compassion to all your unpleasant feeling or painful events any time you come across any of them. Offer it mentally with sincerity. Compassion meditation can be beneficial in promoting more harmonious relationships.

Scientifically it has proved that motor circuits in the brain lit up when people were feeling compassionate, like they were getting ready to handle the suffering they were sensing.Work with compassion practice intuitively. At times it may feel difficult, as though you might be overwhelmed by the pain.

Offer compassion to your unpleasant experiences. Try to offer compassion to the negative qualities of your own mind. It can be the part within you that has been cruel to yourself or others. Recall the experience when you were cruel to yourself or another person. Then observe it without attachment, as a third person and offer compassion to it and release it calmly. This meditation can help boost positive emotions and well-being in life, fostering the personal resources that come from experiencing positive emotion.

Compassion is a natural process. You don’t need to force it; just open to the difficulty, the struggle, the stress, the impact of events, the sorrow and strain in the other person or yourself. Open your heartand let yourself be moved, and let compassion flow through you.

Varada mudra expresses the energy of compassion, liberation and an offering of acceptance. It is always made with the left hand, and can be made with the left arm hanging naturally at the side of the body, the palm of the open hand facing forward, and the fingers extended.This mudra symbolizes charity, compassion and boon-granting.

Various techniques are used in compassion meditation.The capacity to cultivate compassion involves regulating thoughts and emotions are also useful for preventing depression in people who are susceptible to it.

Compassion meditation has shown to lower the reaction to inflammation and distress; those have associated with, major depression, heart disease and diabetes. Those who spent more time meditating have shown corresponding more significant changes in their brains, be sure to always work with a health professional when working with meditation.


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