3 Meditation for Busy People: Technique 3- Give Respect and Get Respect

This is very easy technique of meditation and takes 5 to 10 minutes to practice. You can practice it anywhere. Just relax, gently close your eyes and breathe slowly. Start giving respect mentally to anything you remember. It can be a person, a thing, a tree your car etc.

You can perform Anjali mudra or Namaskarmudtra (respect hand position) while practicing this meditation technique. The joining together the palms at the level of the heart in the traditional Indian gesture of salutation, respect, and adoration is referred to as the namaskara mudra. This Indian greeting gesture puts one into a mood of respect. It is an elegant and humble expression of gratitude, prayer and respect.

Respect is keeping your center focus between strength and weakness. Hence it is best quality to be a good meditator. It is not advertising strength but gently highlighting it. Respect never ignores a person who cannot carry out some particular task. It gives you him a different focus.

While practicing this meditation pause and place your hands gently in Anjali Mudra in front of your heart. Breathe a few deep breaths and honor yourself, and the wondrous gift that is your life, with a moment of respect.

A true respect brings understanding. Respect is not catching anyone. It is not pulling at their shortcomings. It leads you to watch and nurture their strength. It is basically awareness that everyone is unique and thus all of us have value.

It is also better respecting things as respecting people. To respect things has its origin in respecting the body with all its strength and weaknesses. To approach with the same balance, neither selling the beauty nor ridiculing ugliness, neither advertising health nor indulging pain.

Respect is very cooling because it values space, knows that though love brings the harmony everyone needs time, a pause, a chance to breathe quietly, alone. It stops you going too close too quickly, and it lets people grow in their own time. Respect never urges and only strikes where there is the strength to withstand.

Disrespect hurts. The repercussions are enormous. When a person is hurt, the rebound has always obscure and dangerous and hard to identify. When anyone has abused and disrespected, it causes trouble. Thus one must understand that disrespect takes away freedom and blocks the way.

Where there is a respect, it is like forging a straight path through life. Respect observes all ups and downs with dignity. The result is that the respect you have given returns to you as a rebound. You should always remember that you cannot demand respect. You can command respect by giving it to others.

By practicing this meditation, you are sending respect to the world around you. As you know, you get the things in return by natural law that you have given. This way you can receive respect from everyone you want. Start giving respect mentally through your meditation to whomsoever and whatever you want and you will receive it in return.

Read more: http://www.meditationdirectories.com/article/3-meditation-for-busy-people-technique-3-give-respect-and-get-respect/


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