Meditation for Busy People Technique 6: Rejuvenating Breathing

It is easy yet very effective technique for rejuvenation within 5-10 minutes. It can be done anywhere. You need to simply sit in relaxed position. Close your eyes gently. Breathe deeply and slowly exhale. Then start the practice of rejuvenating breathing technique.

Nadi Shodhan: (Alternate nostril breathing)

This breathing exercise also helps a lot to get relief in stuffy nose, throat problems as it cleanses the entire respiratory path. It increases oxygen intake which improves your energy level. There are various different techniques of breathing exercises. Alternate nostril breathing i.e. Nadi shodhan is useful techniques of breathing specifically during cold and flu infections. Let’s see in brief how to practice these methods at home.

Relax the muscles of the body and be aware of your breath. At no point during the exercise should the breath be controlled or forced. With one hand, let your fingers stretch and bend your index and your middle fingers and place them around the palm of your hand. Place the thumb on right nostril and the tip of the ring finger against the left nostril. The thumb and ring finger will be used to close alternate nostrils as you breathe.

Begin the exercise by blocking your left side nostril and let out your breath with your right nostril. Continue to block your left nostril and breathe using your right nostril.

Open your left nostril as you simultaneously cover and block your right nostril. Exhale slowly using the open left nostril. Once this is accomplished go ahead and breathe in with your left nostril that is open. Close the left nostril and let the air move out through your right nostril that you now leave open. This is considered one cycle. The breathing should be slow and rhythmic. You can begin from five rounds and gradually increase up to 20. It lowers the stress and relaxes mind and body. It clears the airway and gives relief in breathing.

There should be no forced or strained breathing during the exercise. Just do it smoothly and calmly. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you need to avoid Alternate Nostril breathing.

As pure oxygenated air is breathed to the lungs with each cycle, the blood gets purified and circulation improves. This breathing technique helps strengthen the lungs and increases overall lung capacity. Alternate Nostril breathing may help treat disorders of the respiratory system. Due to the improvement in blood flow, functioning of other organs within the body also improves. As circulation improves, energy levels also increase. Nadi Shodhan breathing technique can help with weight loss as it boosts the metabolism. It can help calm the nervous system. Regular practice helps reduce stress.

It can actually improve mental health. Alternate Nostril breathing can help remove excess body heat. It helps improve appetite. Alternate Nostril breathing can help reduce body odor. This type of breathing technique breathing is believed to strengthen the immune system and prevent illnesses. This method gives you rejuvenating feeling immediately.


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