Meditation for Busy People Technique 5: Gratitude Meditation

Start looking at the world through a perspective of gratitude. Just what gratitude is all about? It is about simply thankful for stuff that you have in life. Once you try to imagine, you’ll realize the infinity of things are there, that you have to feel grateful about. If you look at your life, you will know that there are plenty of things you can be thankful for. While reading any book you need to be thankful to all your teachers who taught you to read. Ask an illiterate the value of education and you’ll know how important your skill is. Consider the things around you; you will realize their value only in their absence. This is also true for people. You take all your relationships for granted too. And gratitude makes you aware of this, and realizes the value of small things.
You should be grateful for every thing that helps you in life. One really humbling experience is to express gratitude to your footwear. Sounds ridiculous? You have never done it before? Then do it right now. Take a minute to go to your footwear and tell it from the bottom of your heart that you are grateful to it for the way it protects your feet. Tell your footwear that you value it. Do it now. Pay attention to your feelings while you do it. You will realize the value of this exercise next time you wear your footwear.

What about people? Learn how to care for people and be grateful for what they have given you. Be grateful to every single person you know. Don’t leave yourself out. Similarly you can be grateful to every event of your life. You can be thankful because worst might have happened. So thank everyone. And grow to become BIG- Be In Gratitude.

Gratitude, gratefulness and thanks-giving are one of the laws of life. As you look around, you find that everybody has absorbed in his or her own world. As you analyze yourself, you find that since childhood, you have brought up in such a way that less important “I” takes lead over most important “We”. You aspire, struggle, and put in tones of efforts to fulfill your aspirations. The journey from aspiration to achievement is possible only due to all that you have received and all that you are receiving and all that you will receive. This flow is continuous and uninterrupted. So you tend to consider this flow from the entire Universe as your birthright and are oblivious to your duty to be grateful.

• Sit in a calm and quiet place. Starting from your hair to toes, express gratitude to each and every part of your body.
• Remember the most unpleasant incidents of your life and find out at least five reasons to be grateful that it happened.
• Learn to thank the abstract forces of nature for the weather, sunshine etc.
• Never go to bed before writing your today’s gratitude list every day.

Keep a note of the changes are taking place in your life after starting this practice. You’ll find out that gratitude is the best attitude. Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel. This is all about the betterment of your life using gratitude.


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