Meditation for Busy People Technique 7: Divine Light

Meditation can be performed by a number of ways. There are lot many choices to meditate as per your like and convenience. Divine Light meditation specifically helps you take charge of your emotional life. It will help you to channel your negative emotions into positive force. Managing anger is the main purpose of this method.

Divine Light Meditation can be done by visualizing or imagining instructions one by one. The basic principle behind this is giving positive suggestions in alpha level of relaxation state. Thus it directly goes to your unconscious mind.
Sit in a calm and comfortable position. You can practice it anywhere. It just needs 5-10 minutes. Close your eyes gently. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. Imagine a divine light coming from sealing and covering you completely. This light is entering in your body through all the pours. It is warm, peaceful, powerful, pulsating with energy. Feel this light now. Talk to this light, whatever you want. Visualize this divine light covering your whole body and getting absorbed into your auras. It is cleaning your aura level and making it pure, clear and glowing.

That divine light will help. It’ll cleanse your whole body and will make it absolutely filled with creativity. This is light energy. Now, feel all the light that was surrounding you, and flooding through you, begin to gather inside your being; as if you are a magnet, pulling all that light inside, so that you become the light itself. You are a being of pure light. You contain the entire essence of love. Now, collect all the light together, allowing it to focus in the center of your heart-where it disappears from sight, but still glows with the same intensity as before. It will burn brightly there forever as it always has, but now you will be aware of it. Begin to slowly renter the presence of this room, aware of the light that is forever with you, and shows in your eyes as a gentle radiance that shows on your face as a relaxed loveliness that shows everyone you come into contact.
Picture this light is spreading out from your body covering everyone around you with love and joy. Now enjoy this light for a few seconds. Feel the calm and quiet state of mind.

This Divine Light Meditation gradually takes you to alpha state of relaxation. Even 10-15 minutes of regular practice of Divine Light Meditation give you deep relaxation from all your stresses. It is going to clean and balance the chakras within your body. Divine Light Meditation washes out negative energies from your body.

This light makes a protection shield around you, at your aura level. You can change the suggestions as per your requirement. Even if you don’t want any suggestions and only divine light, it is also very helpful. This divine light meditation technique brings physical health and well being, emotional management, mental clarity, and spiritual development in your life. This practice leads you to live a life of deeper presence, awareness and compassion.


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