Laughing Meditation: Laughing Life Away

The cliché that says laughter is the best medicine will never grow old regardless how often it is used. It is definitely true. In any circumstances, whenever a person has given his or her best already, there will be no sense to continue worrying. It’s time to let it all go and just start laughing. When combined with meditation, it can sound a bit ironic but it is definitely therapeutic and can lead to wellness which is one of the primary purposes of meditation.

Laughing Meditation: Laughing through Mind, Body, and Soul
Laughing meditation is a three-dimensional activity. When the mind is triggered by an image, a story, a joke, or an infectious laugh, the body produces laughter. Through this, the soul works and becomes well. For the moment, people forget about their problems, their worries, and their fears. They are caught in a pleasurable moment where happiness is. A moment of laughter can bring about benefits for a person’s wholeness.

Laughing Meditation: Tips and Info
Laughing meditation is more than just an ordinary laughter. There’s something that can be done to make the experience feel and work even better.
• Early Bird. Although there are no worms to be caught, it is important for people to start laughing sessions early in the morning. This will give them a positive feeling that they will eventually carry throughout the day. A happy disposition in a person’s daily lives can bring wonders beyond imagination.
• Nightcap. A nightcap of laughter will help a person relax and forget about the stress and the tiredness that they have from a busy day. It will help induce a good night’s sleep and possibly, happy dreams.
• Awareness. Practicing laughing meditation can help people be more aware of funny things around them. People often wonder how stand up comedians can find something funny in just about anything. This is because most of these comedians laugh a lot or at least, surrounded by sounds of laughter most of the time.
• Solidarity. Ice breakers can help a group improve their mood and have a more alive, alert, and enthusiastic mind. Laughing as a group can also give people a sense of solidarity. No matter how much their religion, points of view, and beliefs are different, they share a specific moment wherein they see something in the same perspective. Laughing together can blur differences even just for a while.

Laughing Meditation Process
Laughing meditation can give people lots of benefits as long as they follow the steps for this type of meditation. Each of the steps should be done in ten to fifteen minutes each.
1. Warm Up. Like any other exercise, warm up is required to prepare the body for the exercise itself. This takes stretching like a cat while taking deep breaths. Facial muscles should also be stretched and moved.
2. Laugh. Laughing is the meditation proper. Think of any stimulant and laugh away. Laugh freely. The person should allow himself or herself to be carried away and move with their laughter.
3. Silence. After laughing, cool down by being silent, with eyes closed. Focus on taking deep breaths.
Laughing meditation may be a lot easier than actual meditation and it is beneficial for everyone.


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