The Real Deal: Who is in Control of Your Mind

There are many of people and things that may greatly influence a person with the choices that she or he make. Sometimes, it is a challenge to identify who’s in control of your mind.

Sometimes, people have a tendency to go with what other people want. This includes how they would feel, what their dreams and fears would be, and how they will respond to different situations that they will go through. Sometimes, they will see an infectious smile and this will send them smiling the whole day long. There are some important decisions that some people allow others to make decisions for them like choosing a career, choosing what to wear, or choosing a person to date.

EmotionsA number of people are controlled by their emotions. There are times when they admit to blacking out and not being aware of what they were doing because of strong emotions such as anger, depression, and fear. Some people even lose consciousness when they feel these emotions. This can be very harmful to the person. Some decisions that they make based on their current emotions lead to regret.

There are some people who make permanent decision based on temporary events. This can be quite confusing as their lives take major detours only to find themselves in front of dead ends. Some events in their lives cause them to make some life-changing decisions. At the same time, some events lead to changes in their way of thinking and their behavior. Experience which has been evaluated is indeed a great teacher and it has great influence in a person’s life.

Dreams and FearsSome individuals are totally driven by ambition while other people are hindered from their goals by their fears. These dreams may lead people to make decisions and take actions that could even hurt others or would otherwise go against their morals. Sadly, a lot of people are driven by this especially by financial factors. Letting a person’s dream control his / her mind may blind the person from seeing other things that life has to offer.

Fears can also control a person’s mind. It can prevent a person from trying out new things, discovering new places, and getting into relationships with other people. When fear controls a person’s mind, it is most likely that he or she will get nowhere.

Taking Control
There should be no one controlling a person’s mind but himself or herself. Having a deeper understanding of one’s mind is a pre-requisite to having power over it. Once a person does it, he or she will experience numerous benefits that will lead to success in all their goals in life.Besides the person who practices NLP himself or herself, there are other people who will benefit from such practice. The people in that person’s immediate surrounding will definitely enjoy NLP’s benefits because of the harmonious relationship and atmosphere wherever they are. Other people who may benefit from it are clients, patients, students, family, friends, and significant other. A harmonious relationship with most people will bring happiness


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