Vipsaana Meditation: Built to Succeed

Regarded as the most ancient meditation technique, Vipsaana Meditation is performed to help practitioners to see things as they are. After 2500 years when it was introduced, this type of medication is now being taught in different parts of the world. People are learning it in a little less than 2 weeks of continuous instruction and practice.

Ten-day Course
Vipsaana Meditation is taught in 10 days minimum. In these ten days, the practitioner is expected to develop his or her own encounter and experience that will be his / her guide in practicing this type of meditation for a lifetime. This meditation method was actually taught for seven weeks back then. However, with the fast-paced world that people are living in nowadays, adjustments needed to be made. This is why the experts tried to experiment teaching with different periods of time and in the end decided that 10 days is as low as they can go. Shorter training will deprive practitioners of authentic Vipsaana Meditation. This will put all their time, money, and effort to waste.
Daily tasks include meditation and watching informational and instructional videos. Continuous practice will eventually lead the person to his or her own experience or encounter and will result in the mastery of the Vispaana Meditation.

Sound of Silence
In the ten-day course, Vipsaana Meditation learners are instructed to be silent except for the tenth day. The silence all throughout the course except for exceptional instances when they need to speak to the management will help them achieve mastery of the process. They’ll become more attuned to themselves and discover the benefits of silence in the meditation through their personal experiences. The tenth day marks the resume of their ordinary lives wherein they’ll be allowed to speak with other learners.

Although there are some occasions when people are advised to wait until they are more capable of learning Vipsaana Meditation, it rarely happens. Normally, this is for those people who have serious medical conditions that won’t allow them to do perform actions or eat food that are practically major parts of learning Vipsaana Meditation. All other qualifications can easily be met.

• Physically and Mentally Healthy. Participants should be able to understand what the process is all about and have the physical strength to do different tasks entailed by the meditation.
• Follow Instructions. This is for people who know how to follow simple instructions and can showcase patience and diligence during training. Vipsaana Meditation cannot be mastered overnight and aspiring practitioners should be able to wait until their moment comes.

Vipsaana Meditation for Everyone
The practice of Vipsaana Meditation is not restricted to any particular religion. This is a way of living and not a religious ritual. With an open mind, practitioners will notice the big difference that this kind of meditation brings about.

The calmness, peace of mind, and harmonious partnership of the body and mind will lead them to succeed in all their endeavors in life. They will learn how to understand and love themselves more. These are the advantages of practicing Vipsaana Meditation. With these, people will most likely share what they have learned with their loved ones.



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