Is coaching here to stay? A Mind Opener

Coaching has a lot of benefits for individuals, groups, associations, and businesses. However, is coaching really here to stay? There are many of people that are investing on coaching. Some people may need coaching just for a specific period of time, some longer than the others, but there are also some who need coaching for an indefinite amount of time.

Coaching for the Individual
There are some people who need coaching when they are going through an important time of their life. It might be during their time of getting to know themselves better including their greatest dreams and darkest fears. It may be for making tough decisions and choices that will greatly affect the individual’s life. There’s also some individuals who need coaching to assist them to get back to their feet after a traumatic and disheartening experience. These things occur to a lot of person in different parts of the globe. It is clearly one indication that coaching is here to stay.

• Coaching can help a person reach his or her objectives through constant motivation and facilitating different exercises and activities that will help develop the individual’s determination and perseverance. Many people need this. Many people need to develop and strengthen their self-confidence so there is a lot of room for coaching. Coaching will help people with their dreams and dreaming and desiring something is part of human nature.
• It also opens the individual’s mind to learning which may bring about a lot of opportunities for improvement and positive changes in the life of the individual. Human lives are continuous learning experiences and coaching continues with these experiences.
• Some individuals who experience persistent problems with work or studies are also helped through coaching. The individual works things out as the coach guides him or her, making suggestions and as a pair of eyes seeing the situation from an outsider’s perspective. Problems are major parts of a person’s life and there is rarely a person who does not have any problem at all. In fact, it is almost impossible. As long as there are problems in people’s life, coaching will be beneficial.
• Coaching helps the individual learn, gradually, how to stand on his or her own feet again. Slowly, they gain or regain strength and a clear view of all the events and activities around them. Before the coaching process ends, the individual is already able to take responsibility of all his or her decisions and his or her life.
• Coaching rubs off on many people. They begin to learn thinking like their coach and start to see things from another person’s perspective. Through close observation of his / her thoughts and emotions, they are able to take note of things that stimulates positive behavior and people who do not or work otherwise. Through the process, they’ll learn how to solve their problems by themselves.
These benefits that people experience clearly shows how much coaching is appreciated and that it is here to stay.


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