Review on Kirtan

Kirtan is participatory chanting which is a major part of Indian religious traditions. This is usually associated with different traditional musical instruments. Now it is included in devotional yoga. This ancient practice has now adapted to the changes in the society. Played as background for Kirtan are modern instruments that a lot of people can relate to easier.

LoveThis type of chanting is centered in love. Upon practice, people will see themselves in a totally new different light. They’ll be able to love what they see. This method of loving one’s self will help them learn how to love others. With this practice, lots of positive things will happen. Kirtan is known to lead practitioners to God called in various names and is mostly viewed as the vast Ocean. God is said to be an endless truth and presence. This sort of activity is mostly related to Hinduism and was initially introduced in India.

Get Together
Some practitioners get together within a specific place wherein they are able to help one another have their own journey to meet and experience God through Kirtan. After the journey, they’ll be a new person, ready to share what they experienced in order to help people experience and feel the same emotions.

Kirtan could be learned by anybody. There isn’t any prior experience needed for people who would like to take part in chanting as well as the process of meeting God. The process takes about a couple of hours of chanting in evenings while afternoon Kirtans take about three to four hours. Retreats usually last for a week. Kirtan may be learned by people of all nationality, age, and gender. Although mostly associated with Hinduism, it is open for all.

The Difference
Even though some people compare Kirtan to meditation, what sets it apart is the elimination of the need to be quiet and focus on nothingness which intimidates many people. There is no expertise required to practice Kirtan. The one thing that will guide practitioners into stillness and into another dimension of their awareness is the music. This makes the method effortless. All it takes is the stillness of mind and letting it to float to the direction of the music. The practitioner will never feel too pressured that they have to check whether they are doing it right.

Practitioners will be taught on how to use proper mantras. These mantras will help them clear their mind of fears, pressures, and doubts in their daily lives. This will help them have a clear mind, better focus, and a positive disposition in life. This will also help in the improvement of the person’s relationships with other people as they become more cheerful.
The advantages of having deeper awareness of one’s self is endless. It is good for the person himself or herself. It is also beneficial for their families and friends. It is beneficial for their classmates or co-workers. It is beneficial for the society. Clear-minded people tend to be more productive. In addition, they tend to spread happiness, inspiration, and peace.


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