Moving Meditation: Moving with the Mind

Most types of meditation require a person to be still, and this is not the case for moving meditation. Moving meditation is done while moving slowly. While some people find relaxation more conducive to self-awareness, it would be difficult to do for people who seem to have overflowing energy. Some people use variations of movements. It all depends upon how a person can focus better.

Spiritual Path

Moving meditation regards the human mind as a powerful thing. It is something that can take people to different places, even to another dimension of awareness. It is something that humans can explore. At the same time, it is a powerful ally for people who want to explore life and everything in it and beyond. This can also be said about the spiritual dimension. The mind can lead us to discover a lot of things about our spirituality. While some practices believe that the human body is the mind’s enemy, Moving Meditation proves that it is not. It proves that the human body, in fact, can work harmoniously with the people’s minds towards their total well-being. To some people, sitting still may be the best way to calm their mind and emotions. However, to others, it is actually slow, rhythmic movements that calm them down.

How Do We Do Moving Meditation?

Some people may wonder how they can meditate if they are moving. There are specific things that they should understand and do in order to be successful in this endeavor.

  • Focus. Practitioners do not need to master the skill of having a totally clear mind. In Moving Meditation, they can simply focus on particular things. They can focus on the movement of their bodies, the contraction of their muscles, the sound that their body makes, the temperature in the room, the texture that they feel on their feet, the movement of their energy, the sounds that they hear, the rhythm of their heartbeats, a sensation, or emotion.
  • Awareness. Practitioners of Moving Meditation should be aware of their movements and all the different parts of their body. Instead of focusing on specific parts, the practitioner should be aware of his or her whole body. This makes the person notice the body parts that he or she has been neglecting. This activity will give them the perfect opportunity to make those parts feel special again and that they belong in that body. It is a perfect opportunity to make these body parts feel accepted and loved.
  • Go with the Flow. Give very little thought if any, on movements. Moving Meditation practitioners should just close their eyes and move to the music that only they can hear. It is time to let the body take control. The sense of freedom can be therapeutic. There is no need to worry about how a person looks and if his or her movements even make sense.
  • Slowly but Surely. It is recommended that practitioners move in slow pace. This will help them become aware of their body better and observe the movements inside their body. They will also notice different sensations. The slow movement will enable the practitioner to be mindful in this meditation, as it is not meant to be a mindless act. In saying this, the practitioner is simply using their mind as an observer without any attachments or identification to any thoughts.


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