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Does Meditation really help?

Does Meditation really help? Meditation Benefits explained

Everybody knows what meditation is. Although not many people know how it is done, they understand its basic principle. It is establishing a connection between the physical and the inner being of a person. However, there are some people who are skeptical about the effects of meditation. They feel like it is too simple to bring about a lot of positive changes and turn their lives around in a major way.

Meditation helps through Kindness

A lot of people feel that they are incapable of kindness. However, it is not true. Everybody is created with kindness inside them. All they need is to connect their physical being to their inner being and that seed of kindness planted inside them will soon grow and blossom. This kindness will be enough to touch other people’s lives. First, it will touch the person him or herself.

Usually, a person is his or her own worst enemy. They are usually so critical of themselves that kindness to others seems impossible. Through meditation, the person will be in touch with their true nature, who they really are. They will get to know their deepest dreams, their greatest fears, and their true self. Their kind and compassionate nature will be revealed and everybody including themselves will benefit from this discovery.

Of course, this change cannot be achieved overnight. The person will need to practice meditation until it becomes as natural to him or to her as that person’s breathing. Then, they will be able to live with it and invoke it in instances where kindness to self and to others is needed most.

Meditation helps through Relief

Many meditation practitioners tried meditating mainly because of their hope that it would help them relieve their stress. People get stressed over work, family, school, finances, love life, and a lot of other things that they needed an effective outlet for this stress and negative energies. Some people turn to drinking, to gambling, to drugs, to shopping, and a lot more other activities. However, more often than not, these activities cost too much and offer short-term solutions. This is just the opposite of meditation. Meditation is free. There are no contracts to be signed, no specific place to go to practice it, and there is no fee to pay once you know what to do. This also provides a lifetime solution for recurring problems. In the long run, once meditation becomes an integral part of a person’s life, such instances will be prevented and soon, the meditation practitioner will be free from stress. Practitioners will be able to find order in chaos, calmness in panic, stillness in movement, and quiet in noise.

Meditation helps through Healing

A lot of people are suffering from pains that are not physical. These usually involve some bad memories, painful experiences from the past, and pains caused by other people such as betrayal, disappointments, and rejections. Instead of going back to these dark places, meditation will help the person be healed from within. This will guarantee a much clearer mind, more available room for positive emotions, and better understanding of life.

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Meditation for Stress Relief and Wellbeing

A lot of people who are practicing meditation do it mainly for stress-relief. Most people are stressed out because of their work or studies and problems with relationships may it be with family or a special someone. They turn to meditation to calm their nerves and soothe their feelings from the difficulties and the pain that they experience.

Even though nobody can ever be totally free from stress, meditation can relieve practitioners of the stress that they currently suffer from. They will also gradually discover how they can have the right point of view which in itself, will help to alleviate the stress and help them to handle stressful situations with a clear mind and a calm focus.

Here and Now

Most Meditation is done mainly by focusing one’s thoughts on the present moment and everything in it. While it is an effort to keep one’s mind in the present, it is best not to think about the future or past. Focusing purely on the now, is what helps to keep stress at bay. While meditation, you will find that you can enter a calmed state and there is nothing to possibly stress about. This is why if the one is able to focus on the here and now, they will be relieved of stress. When we are still, and present in the moment, the pain from the past is often forgotten and the fear of the future is not there.


Along with stress-relief, there are a lot of related benefits from practicing meditation. These are mostly about stability and positivity.

  • Mental Health. A stable mental health is one of the primary benefits that people get from meditation. Their way of thinking, focus, and thoughts are functioning at its best. This benefit is ideal for people who want to improve how their mind functions.
  • Emotional Positivity. A meditation practitioner will definitely have a positive outlook in life. They will always see the brighter side of things which gives them a cheerful disposition. They will be quick to react positively in different things and situations. They will be inclined to appreciate even the small things in life. This keeps meditation practitioners away from depression and suicidal state.
  • Stress-proof. Although it cannot be achieved overnight, meditation practitioners will gradually develop into “stress-proof” people. They will not get stressed out easily. They will be more patient and diligent. These are beneficial for the practitioners themselves, their family, their friends, their co-workers, and the whole community.



Most people think of meditation as plain relaxation. Although there is more to meditation than relaxation, this reason is enough for some people. This means that they can put their feet up figuratively and do something that does not involve any stress, an activity that fights against stress nonetheless, and just feel any built up pressure from the day, slipping away from them.

In this time and age, a lot of people seem to be suffering from too much self-criticism and at times, self-hatred. Meditation does a lot of changes in a person’s inner being that leads the person to love him or herself. With continuous practice, the positive way of thinking that meditation brings will lead a person to know one’s self enough to love him or herself. This will lead to happiness and contentment.

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Moving Meditation: Moving with the Mind

Most types of meditation require a person to be still, and this is not the case for moving meditation. Moving meditation is done while moving slowly. While some people find relaxation more conducive to self-awareness, it would be difficult to do for people who seem to have overflowing energy. Some people use variations of movements. It all depends upon how a person can focus better.

Spiritual Path

Moving meditation regards the human mind as a powerful thing. It is something that can take people to different places, even to another dimension of awareness. It is something that humans can explore. At the same time, it is a powerful ally for people who want to explore life and everything in it and beyond. This can also be said about the spiritual dimension. The mind can lead us to discover a lot of things about our spirituality. While some practices believe that the human body is the mind’s enemy, Moving Meditation proves that it is not. It proves that the human body, in fact, can work harmoniously with the people’s minds towards their total well-being. To some people, sitting still may be the best way to calm their mind and emotions. However, to others, it is actually slow, rhythmic movements that calm them down.

How Do We Do Moving Meditation?

Some people may wonder how they can meditate if they are moving. There are specific things that they should understand and do in order to be successful in this endeavor.

  • Focus. Practitioners do not need to master the skill of having a totally clear mind. In Moving Meditation, they can simply focus on particular things. They can focus on the movement of their bodies, the contraction of their muscles, the sound that their body makes, the temperature in the room, the texture that they feel on their feet, the movement of their energy, the sounds that they hear, the rhythm of their heartbeats, a sensation, or emotion.
  • Awareness. Practitioners of Moving Meditation should be aware of their movements and all the different parts of their body. Instead of focusing on specific parts, the practitioner should be aware of his or her whole body. This makes the person notice the body parts that he or she has been neglecting. This activity will give them the perfect opportunity to make those parts feel special again and that they belong in that body. It is a perfect opportunity to make these body parts feel accepted and loved.
  • Go with the Flow. Give very little thought if any, on movements. Moving Meditation practitioners should just close their eyes and move to the music that only they can hear. It is time to let the body take control. The sense of freedom can be therapeutic. There is no need to worry about how a person looks and if his or her movements even make sense.
  • Slowly but Surely. It is recommended that practitioners move in slow pace. This will help them become aware of their body better and observe the movements inside their body. They will also notice different sensations. The slow movement will enable the practitioner to be mindful in this meditation, as it is not meant to be a mindless act. In saying this, the practitioner is simply using their mind as an observer without any attachments or identification to any thoughts.


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Famous People who meditate: Celebrity State of Mind

Meditation is being practiced by many people. Meditation practitioners come from all walks of life, ages, genders, and educational attainment. Nowadays, a lot of celebrities are seeking sanctuary from their busy and crazy life through meditation.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth was influenced by her friends to try meditation. She decided to give it a try aiming for peace and contentment. She was intimidated by the practice, thinking that it is hard to do. However, she made it her New Year’s Resolution to learn how to do it.

Oprah Winfrey
The queen of talk may now be the queen of meditation too. The owner of Oprah Winfrey Network or OWN shared in the Dr. Oz Show that she is much better whenever she meditates. She does it every day to center her life and the rest follows.

Russell Brand
Katy Perry’s ex-husband is grateful for meditation for a lot of reasons. He counts it as the reason for the newfound stability in his life, for getting over his drug addiction, and for being happier than ever. He practices yoga and meditation every day. Katy Perry learned meditation when they were still together.

Tina Turner
The singer thanks meditation for giving her a clear mind in deciding to end her abusive marriage with her husband and the strength to stick to this decision and move on.

Miranda Kerr
Never a nervous wreck even when under so much pressure, the Aussie model is known to meditate right before strutting on the catwalk. Aside from the meditation, she also practices yoga and eats nothing but organic food.

Sheryl Crow
The cancer survivor thanks her 20-minute morning and evening meditations for teaching her how to go easy on herself since she is her own biggest critic. She admits that the physical and her inner self-awareness changed her life in a positive way.

Steven Seagal
The action star moved to Japan when he was a teenager. He studied acupuncture and martial arts. He was exposed then to the practice of meditation and has been a long-time practitioner of it.

Paul McCartney
The Beatles lived a crazy life back in their days. They were looking for something that would calm everything down and stabilise the status of their minds when they learned meditation. The group practiced meditation and Paul referred to it as a “lifelong gift”. He is just happy that more and more people are learning how to do it.

Clint Eastwood
The actor-director-producer-composer-politician has been practicing meditation for almost half a century now. Being in a stressful business, it is amazing when somebody successful is able to handle the fame and all the madness that being a public figure brings. Clint Eastwood is one of them and he thanks meditation for it.

Orlando Bloom
One of the few clean Hollywood celebrities of today, Orlando Bloom says that it takes a lot of effort to steer clear of the self-destructive path that always look inviting to celebrities like him. He thanks his daily meditation that he conveniently incorporates to his daily activities for keeping him grounded and for maintaining the balance in his life.

Deepak Chopra and Meditation: Food for the Mind and Soul

A review on Deepak Chopra and Meditation: Food for the Mind and Soul
New York, being one, if not the busiest place in the world, is home to people who are juggling multiple jobs to make payments and people who are working twice as hard to fulfill their dreams. This is one of the main reasons why Deepak Chopra is much celebrated in this place as much as he is in a lot of other areas of the world.
The reason Deepak Chopra one of a kind is his capability to blend ancient beliefs and traditions for wellness practices with modern medicine. As some individuals may be skeptical about some practices that typically involve using the state of mind to reach specific physical, mental, and emotional condition, Deepak Chopra’s practices are backed up by physical evidences and scientific reasoning. This was done using his extensive background in internal medicine and endocrinology.

Deepak Chopra founded an institution meant to be an avenue wherein he shares his expertise to give back to the society. People are treated to an intellectual journey that leads to a clear view of deeper awareness. This state is achieved through meditation and it brings about numerous benefits for the practitioner.

Health and Well-being
One of the main advantages of Deepak Chopra’s meditation is achieving the best condition of a person’s health and well-being.
• Detoxification. Deepak Chopra helps eliminate the body of toxins from the food which they eat, unhealthy drinks, and the pollution in the surroundings.
• Spa Treatments. Deepak Chopra gives the people an excellent pampering experience that they deserve. This will lead to a well-rested body, rejuvenated and ready for more work.
• Yoga and Meditation. Deepak Chopra introduces the person to yoga and meditation. This will free the person’s mind from all worries, pain, and stress. Existing practitioners may be taken into a camp wherein they can deepen their knowledge and practice to achieve better mind and body balance. This will also enrich the positive energies in their body.
• Aryuveda. The person will also be introduced to Aryuveda and its benefits.
• Addiction. Deepak Chopra is known to offer effective anti-addiction programs. He provides a haven for those who are trying to get rid of their nicotine, sex, alcohol, gambling, and drug addiction.

Emotional Healing
A person’s negative emotion may prevent him or her from happiness and success. Deepak Chopra helps people overcome such emotions.
• Pain. Pain is one of the hardest negative emotions to let go. For this reason the person is taught how you can forget about the things that hurt them in the past in order to free bigger space in their heart so they will be able to accommodate happiness and a sense of fulfillment.
• Balance. Once a person is healed from negative emotions, he or she will be taught how to maintain balance in body, mind, and emotion.

Spiritual Growth
A person’s spirit is a thing that he or she must take good care of and enrich to achieve his or her goals in her life and have a good disposition in life.
• Higher Consciousness. The person will be taught practices on how to deepen their inner self awareness.
• Silence. The person is exposed to spiritual intimacy through perfect silence.
• Awakening. This is for practitioners who want to deepen their spiritual awareness.



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Review on Kirtan

Kirtan is participatory chanting which is a major part of Indian religious traditions. This is usually associated with different traditional musical instruments. Now it is included in devotional yoga. This ancient practice has now adapted to the changes in the society. Played as background for Kirtan are modern instruments that a lot of people can relate to easier.

LoveThis type of chanting is centered in love. Upon practice, people will see themselves in a totally new different light. They’ll be able to love what they see. This method of loving one’s self will help them learn how to love others. With this practice, lots of positive things will happen. Kirtan is known to lead practitioners to God called in various names and is mostly viewed as the vast Ocean. God is said to be an endless truth and presence. This sort of activity is mostly related to Hinduism and was initially introduced in India.

Get Together
Some practitioners get together within a specific place wherein they are able to help one another have their own journey to meet and experience God through Kirtan. After the journey, they’ll be a new person, ready to share what they experienced in order to help people experience and feel the same emotions.

Kirtan could be learned by anybody. There isn’t any prior experience needed for people who would like to take part in chanting as well as the process of meeting God. The process takes about a couple of hours of chanting in evenings while afternoon Kirtans take about three to four hours. Retreats usually last for a week. Kirtan may be learned by people of all nationality, age, and gender. Although mostly associated with Hinduism, it is open for all.

The Difference
Even though some people compare Kirtan to meditation, what sets it apart is the elimination of the need to be quiet and focus on nothingness which intimidates many people. There is no expertise required to practice Kirtan. The one thing that will guide practitioners into stillness and into another dimension of their awareness is the music. This makes the method effortless. All it takes is the stillness of mind and letting it to float to the direction of the music. The practitioner will never feel too pressured that they have to check whether they are doing it right.

Practitioners will be taught on how to use proper mantras. These mantras will help them clear their mind of fears, pressures, and doubts in their daily lives. This will help them have a clear mind, better focus, and a positive disposition in life. This will also help in the improvement of the person’s relationships with other people as they become more cheerful.
The advantages of having deeper awareness of one’s self is endless. It is good for the person himself or herself. It is also beneficial for their families and friends. It is beneficial for their classmates or co-workers. It is beneficial for the society. Clear-minded people tend to be more productive. In addition, they tend to spread happiness, inspiration, and peace.

Christian Meditation: Touching Spirits

Christian Meditation is the highest state on prayer wherein the practitioner clears his / her mind of worldly thoughts and concentrates on silence. This state enables the Holy Spirit to reach out and get in touch with the practitioner. Christians do this regularly sometimes reaching to 6 hours per day. This is mostly done when they need an answer and help in making decisions. This is also done when the practitioner has a special request to God. This usually comes hand in hand when reading the Holy Scripture. In this type of meditation the practitioner usually focuses his or her thoughts on the word of God, on specific passages, or reflecting on these or some experiences that they had.

The main objective of Christian Meditation is getting closer to God through reflection and prayer.
• Getting to know God. This is mainly done through reading the bible. However, the concept of Christian Meditation allows the practitioner to reflect on what he or she has read in order to get to know God even better.
• Improving Relationship with God. Christian Meditation brings practitioners to a state wherein God can easily talk to them. Along the way, they’ll be able to talk to God, tell Him how they feel, tell Him about their fears and aspirations in life. In turn, they will be able to feel God talking to them and guiding them in what to do. They will also be assured that the Holy Spirit is always with them and blessings await His faithful children.

Although Christian Meditation mostly focuses on prayers, it also involves enriching different aspects of a Christian’s life.
• Knowing more about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ saved people from their sins. However, to do that, he had to come down from heaven and live as a human being. His life on earth is one of the most important things that Christians should know about, having Jesus Christ as one of the beliefs that sets Christianity apart from other religions.
• Gratefulness. Giving thanks is another purpose of the Christian Meditation. Christians have a lot to thank God for and every day, more reasons are added. They use Christian Meditation to let God know how grateful they are of all the blessings and guidance that they receive. The main reason for giving thanks to God is the fact that he sent His son to earth in order to save people from their sins.

MarksYou will find three different characteristics that mark the difference of Christian Meditation from other types of Meditation.
• Bible-based. Christian Meditation is anchored on bible passages. The bible is God’s form of communication with humans. The Holy Scripture is regarded as the way to knowing God. It is also a guide for Christians’ way of living.
• God’s Love. Christian Meditation is done to adore God, feel His love, and share His love. God’s love is the center of this activity.
• Worship. Continuous revelation of God through the Holy Scripture and Christian Meditation makes Him more worthy to be praised. This activity then has another purpose which is to worship God.
Christian Meditation is unique. It is different from other types of meditation in a lot of ways.