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Is coaching here to stay? A Mind Opener

Coaching has a lot of benefits for individuals, groups, associations, and businesses. However, is coaching really here to stay? There are many of people that are investing on coaching. Some people may need coaching just for a specific period of time, some longer than the others, but there are also some who need coaching for an indefinite amount of time.

Coaching for the Individual
There are some people who need coaching when they are going through an important time of their life. It might be during their time of getting to know themselves better including their greatest dreams and darkest fears. It may be for making tough decisions and choices that will greatly affect the individual’s life. There’s also some individuals who need coaching to assist them to get back to their feet after a traumatic and disheartening experience. These things occur to a lot of person in different parts of the globe. It is clearly one indication that coaching is here to stay.

• Coaching can help a person reach his or her objectives through constant motivation and facilitating different exercises and activities that will help develop the individual’s determination and perseverance. Many people need this. Many people need to develop and strengthen their self-confidence so there is a lot of room for coaching. Coaching will help people with their dreams and dreaming and desiring something is part of human nature.
• It also opens the individual’s mind to learning which may bring about a lot of opportunities for improvement and positive changes in the life of the individual. Human lives are continuous learning experiences and coaching continues with these experiences.
• Some individuals who experience persistent problems with work or studies are also helped through coaching. The individual works things out as the coach guides him or her, making suggestions and as a pair of eyes seeing the situation from an outsider’s perspective. Problems are major parts of a person’s life and there is rarely a person who does not have any problem at all. In fact, it is almost impossible. As long as there are problems in people’s life, coaching will be beneficial.
• Coaching helps the individual learn, gradually, how to stand on his or her own feet again. Slowly, they gain or regain strength and a clear view of all the events and activities around them. Before the coaching process ends, the individual is already able to take responsibility of all his or her decisions and his or her life.
• Coaching rubs off on many people. They begin to learn thinking like their coach and start to see things from another person’s perspective. Through close observation of his / her thoughts and emotions, they are able to take note of things that stimulates positive behavior and people who do not or work otherwise. Through the process, they’ll learn how to solve their problems by themselves.
These benefits that people experience clearly shows how much coaching is appreciated and that it is here to stay.


Why Have a Business Coach? Success for Business

Many people employ different methods and strategies to guarantee the success of their own business. However, despite having the right intentions and hard work, the business may have a hard time growing or reaching the point wherein it makes steady income.

Business people

People may have heard about a business coach but may have many doubts whether these people are legit or just ripping them off by doing something that they themselves can do. However, many people who had business coach managed to get big in their field and it is not a wonder considering what the advantages of having a business coach are.

Ask Away

Having a business coach will allow a business owner to ask questions. There are times when it would be embarrassing to ask a lot of questions especially for classes held in groups. A business owner may have a lot of questions in his or her mind but may not ask because it may slow the class down. The trainer or professor may also not have enough time for a lot of questions. As a result, the business owner has to find the information that he or she needs. However, this type of search usually results to misinformation or left in vain.

Bring back to Life

There are some businesses that may be failing but are not totally hopeless. Sometimes, a change of how a person views the business or his or her attitude towards it can help bring back an almost breathless business back to life. Just a jumpstart from a business coach is required, an expert’s point of view from outside the business.


Sometimes, all a business owner needs is a voice that will tell them to go on and keep pushing towards the business owner’s goal. In addition to this, a business coach may also recognise a potential in the business owner, his or her employees, or the business itself that they themselves cannot see. This is something that a business coach will work on until this potential is realised for the advantage of the business.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is something that a business coach can give a person because he or she will surely not take offense. It is something that is to be expected from a business coach so it will not come as a surprise. These honest feedback and coaching points are all for the welfare of the business anyway. These are often appreciated. These will serve as bases for improvement of the business, the people behind it, or its different operations.


One of the main targets of business coaching is to improve a person’s communication skill. This may apply to business owners that’ll be helped to improve how they communicate with clients, suppliers, and employees. This will help them build great connections and relationships with other stakeholders of his or her business. This may also apply to employees to help them build good relationships with their superiors, co-workers, and their customers.

A business coach is a professional that can help a person see things that he or she fails to see in the times that passed. In addition to being a new pair of eyes that see the business through a different perspective, the expertise that a business coach shares to the clients is also invaluable.

You Have The Power to Move Mountains

A persons mind is powerful. There are times that it wills things to happen. On the other hand, it can stop something from happening. There’s two things that can help make these possible: motivation and fear. Having just enough motivation and getting rid of any kind of fear can make a person move mountains if they want to. They can have enough power to will their mind into making their dreams become a reality.

You have the Power to be a better you
Having control over one’s own mind will lead to numerous positive changes in their lives. It will make life easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling with all their achievements and successes on their goals – big or small.

• Rapport. Having power over one’s own mind can give him or her confidence needed to break a wall that separates them from other people. Their mind will tell him or her, what it is that the other person is thinking and this will enable the person to find the perfect topic to make the other person smile and take the conversation invitation. Such simple conversation may be a start of something deeper and can help a person build connections by charming them.
• Control. Control is the operative word. Being in control gives a person power. In case of a person’s mind, knowing how to control it to illicit a specific emotion or reaction is a great help in attaining both simple and major goals. This may require strong will but it is something that can be worked on. There is not much to lose with a lot to win.
• Change. In life, people will gather new knowledge and get new experiences that may influence their way of thinking. They should be careful on choosing the effects that’ll be beneficial for them and the majority and getting rid of the ones that are more harmful than beneficial. Having the right behavior and right attitude towards life can lead them to success and contentment.
• Sense. It is important to develop more sensitivity to how other people think or feel. This will place the person in the position to call the shots since he or she will be able to do the right things to achieve a desired response or reaction from the other person. Now it is not just taking over one’s own mind but taking over conversations and relationships as well.
• Achieve. Being in control of one’s own mind will definitely lead to achievements and success in different aspects of the person’s life. It will help them use their mind as well as other people’s mind to work in their advantage to practical application of the program.
Having control over one’s mind will help the person get rid of all the negative energies, thoughts, and emotions while inviting positive ones to take their places. This will equip people with the right attitude and the right point of view that they need to be successful in reaching their goals. Mind, body, and emotional control are surefire ingredients for success.


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The Real Deal: Who is in Control of Your Mind

There are many of people and things that may greatly influence a person with the choices that she or he make. Sometimes, it is a challenge to identify who’s in control of your mind.

Sometimes, people have a tendency to go with what other people want. This includes how they would feel, what their dreams and fears would be, and how they will respond to different situations that they will go through. Sometimes, they will see an infectious smile and this will send them smiling the whole day long. There are some important decisions that some people allow others to make decisions for them like choosing a career, choosing what to wear, or choosing a person to date.

EmotionsA number of people are controlled by their emotions. There are times when they admit to blacking out and not being aware of what they were doing because of strong emotions such as anger, depression, and fear. Some people even lose consciousness when they feel these emotions. This can be very harmful to the person. Some decisions that they make based on their current emotions lead to regret.

There are some people who make permanent decision based on temporary events. This can be quite confusing as their lives take major detours only to find themselves in front of dead ends. Some events in their lives cause them to make some life-changing decisions. At the same time, some events lead to changes in their way of thinking and their behavior. Experience which has been evaluated is indeed a great teacher and it has great influence in a person’s life.

Dreams and FearsSome individuals are totally driven by ambition while other people are hindered from their goals by their fears. These dreams may lead people to make decisions and take actions that could even hurt others or would otherwise go against their morals. Sadly, a lot of people are driven by this especially by financial factors. Letting a person’s dream control his / her mind may blind the person from seeing other things that life has to offer.

Fears can also control a person’s mind. It can prevent a person from trying out new things, discovering new places, and getting into relationships with other people. When fear controls a person’s mind, it is most likely that he or she will get nowhere.

Taking Control
There should be no one controlling a person’s mind but himself or herself. Having a deeper understanding of one’s mind is a pre-requisite to having power over it. Once a person does it, he or she will experience numerous benefits that will lead to success in all their goals in life.Besides the person who practices NLP himself or herself, there are other people who will benefit from such practice. The people in that person’s immediate surrounding will definitely enjoy NLP’s benefits because of the harmonious relationship and atmosphere wherever they are. Other people who may benefit from it are clients, patients, students, family, friends, and significant other. A harmonious relationship with most people will bring happiness

Couples in NLP

I find it interesting whenever people come up to us and talk about the fact that we are a couple and we are both doing what we love in NLP and asking us how we make it work.

Well it did not always start that way. I started my journey with NLP before my wife and after each night would go home and want to practice what I had just learned, this certainly totally freaked her out and she resisted me at every point of my journey.

While I was reading my NLP notes and read “respect for the others model of the world” I realised that it also applied to my wife and that forcing NLP on her was not respecting “her model of the world” as NLP had now become part of my model. I knew I needed to develop a vacuum so that she would naturally be drawn to what I was doing.

As I started to apply the things I had learnt into my own life, she saw a change in me that lead to her becoming curious and finally an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer.

In our trainings we frequently get asked, how will I get my partner to take interest in NLP, should I leave books around the house, should I talk to them, tell me what should I do. Our answer is “do Nothing” that’s right do nothing. Making a vacuum for our partners is the greatest method to get them curious about NLP and what we do as practitioners of NLP.

Most of the times it is out of love for our partners, friends and family that we begin to fill the air with words regarding how they “need” NLP, without needing much tack we get on our NLP high horse failing to take into consideration that the other person doesn’t have a similar model of the world that we may have. Not leaving a space for them to become inquisitive allowing them to explore NLP on their own.

Developing a vacuum is all about giving your loved ones the choice to decide on whether or not they want to take the journey for themselves, being silent and allowing the changes in your own life as a result of what you have learnt and applied in your own life speaks louder than your words.

Respect your partner’s model of the world and enable them to become interested in NLP on their own accord will see them asking you much sooner.

Passion + Action = Results

We are often asked how we started off in business and the way do we make it work, we have a simple formula that has been working for us. This formula is very simple yet powerful, the formula is PASSION + ACTION = RESULTS

There are lots of ways to define passion and what it is, for us passion is that thing that gets you excited whenever you think about the possibility of what might be, it keeps you up during the night with excitement and gets you out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm. It’s the silent motivator in your life that becomes your very existence. It’s the force that says no matter what is going on around me, I was born for this very reason.

Passion is core to our true self and our purpose in life, the very thing we were put here to do. Defining your passion is the first thing to success. How can you define your passion?

Ask yourself this question, “if you had 10 million dollars in your bank account, and failure was not an option what would you do?”

Trust the very first answer that comes to you. So what is stopping you from doing that thing, remembering that money and failure are no option? Is it time, is it fear, is it not knowing where to start? Whatever your reason might be, majority of people will give surface reasons however the real reason if we look at it is FEAR!

Fear is the dream stealer that has robbed numerous individuals of achieving their full potential. Releasing fear and any attachment that it has, is a huge part to do with success.

I once heard someone describe fear as False Evidence Appearing Real, most of the fear that steals from us we placed in our own minds as truths which are no more true than the Easter bunny. Doubt the twin brother of fear, also steals from us our dreams and passions. Contact our office for more information on how you can take back what has been stolen from you by fear and doubt.


The second key to results is Action, once you know your passion take daily steps towards that passion. The accumulation of small daily steps will see you reaching your goals much earlier than you had expected. It’s not about massive action it’s about daily action.

When taking action think about what’s the reason for this step and is it bringing me closer to my passion, if the answer is yes, then continue, if the answer is no stop and do something that will. Some steps will lead you away from your passion, when this happens gain knowledge from it and move back towards your passion.


A result in achieving your passion and purpose is what comes next. The things i love about this is that though you’re intending to get there, the person you become along the way is not the person that you were when you began, you are far more resilient then you were when you began and so you can do a whole lot more.

The NLP Meta Model

The NLP Meta-model is a set of language patterns or specified questions. The NLP Meta model consist a set of questions, that has designed to discover the explicit meaning in a person’s communication. The questions in the meta-model are created to bring clarity to the information relayed through a person. Meta Model explores the underlying restrictive thinking and beliefs. The choice of words spoken by a person distorts, generalize, and often remove the portions of their experience, when a person speaks about a problem.

The practitioner seeks to help a person to recover the details that is under the surface of the words, by paying attention to the language patterns. It is vital that the practitioner should not make assumptions about the communication. The practitioner who ’listens’ based on his / her existing belief systems may miss important aspects of the story. The NLP Meta-model has meant to facilitate detecting the indicators of restrictive thinking and limiting beliefs. The meta-model mainly used to help a person, elaborate information of problems, proposals and objectives. This has done by asking regarding the information that has been left out, by the practitioner. The practitioner may ask probing questions to find out what is there in the mind of the person being treated.

Let us consider some of the practical uses of NLP Meta model:

The NLP Meta Model for your own confusion:

Suppose you find yourself confused and in a bit of a mental log-jam. You can very well Meta model your on-going self talk. Here you need to take yourself in a loop where you are Meta modeling your internal dialogue. In simple words, go for a few pages of stream-of-consciousness writing about your problem. Write down whatever is bothering you. Then utilize the Meta Model on this to identify your patterns.

Layers of pattern:

There are those who have come up with predictability lists indicating which pattern is likely to lead to which. You have to learn these in advance and become really good at all of the patterns. They will always respond something else than whatever has asked. In such instances you simply hear them attentively. Confirm the pattern that you suspect is most getting in their way, and then continue doing this process when they move on to the next pattern.

Ask the person some of the questions that are ‘challenging’ relating to this particular pattern. If their current world view causes them difficulty you can then give them the opportunity to re-evaluate things for themselves by asking such questions. Keep things very simple and use them a lot rather than have them very complex and use them only with difficulty.

The Meta Model is a linguistic tool. It is very useful whenever somebody has faced with a paradoxical situation, a maze where she or he can’t find any way out. There are four distinctions in this tool: deletion, lack of referential index, unspecified verbs, and normalization.

The fundamental function of the NLP Meta Model is to help you identify and transform irritable deletions, distortions and generalizations in your thinking and communication to other people.